Witch of the Glens

witch of the glens cover

Witch of the Glens

  • Sally Watson (Author), drawings by Barbara Werner
  • Trade paperback and ebook, 275 pages, English language (age 11+)
  • Originally published: The Viking Press Inc., 1962
  • ISBN-10: 1595110011
  • ISBN-13: 978-1595110015
  • ASIN: B00DC2N8MU (e-book)




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Special 7-book set!
Set includes Highland Rebel, Mistress Malapert, Lark, The Hornet’s Nest, Jade, Witch of the Glens and Linnet.

Description:1643-6 in Inverness, Scotland.

As the “wicked wee lass” raced along the steep streets, just ahead of the stones and cries of briosag! hurled at her, she wished with all her heart that she were a witch. What a spell she would put on them all! For all her seventeen years, Kelpie could remember nothing but belonging to Mina and Bogle, gypsies who lived by their evil wits. The only law any of them knew was that of self-preservation. Bogle said she had been kidnaped because of her blue ringed eyes of the “Second Sight,” and she often wondered from where. A castle, perhaps? Nobility? But a series of events would change her life forever when Kelpie would encounter two fine young men. Truly a hands-down favorite among Sally Watson readers!