Two Old Favorites As New Ebooks!

Lark and The Hornet’s Nest are now available in Kindle editions!


Set in seventeenth-century England under Cromwell, Sally Watson’s Lark combines historical intrigue with romantic adventure in the high-spirited tale of a young girl who escapes from her uncle’s stolid Puritan family.Lark cover

The daughter of Royalists exiled to France, thirteen-year-old Lark finds the prospect of marrying her cousin Will-of-God so distasteful that she decides to flee to the home of her sister in Scotland. On the way, she meets young James Trelawney, a Royalist spy whose annoyance with her slowly turns into concern and companionship as the two experience many harrowing, and occasionally humorous adventures. An unexpected encounter with Will-of-God, and a battle in which James is seriously wounded, finally lead the pair to refuge with a band of colorful Gypsies.

How Lark’s grandparents rescue the two, along with the young King Charles, is revealed in the suspenseful climax to this adventure, which gives an authentic picture of a fascinating historical period.  ~ dust cover insert

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The Hornet’s Nest

The Hornet's Nest coverIn 1774, thirty years and one generation after Highland Rebel, the Camerons have returned to Scotland and are living under the English occupation with their five children. Ronald and Lauchlin, the oldest, wage private war, presently abetted by third cousin-twice-removed ‘Uncle’ Matthew, Jade’s younger brother, and as reprehensible as she could have wished. To avoid being hanged, the three go to the loyal Tory Lennox cousins in Virginia. A lot of opinions get revised before they end up having a go at a third King George. Will everyone get back to their beloved Highlands?

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Two Old Favorites As New Ebooks! — 2 Comments

  1. Lark was the first Sally Watson book I ever read. I was around age 10, I think. L loved it and went looking to find a copy for my own bookshelves a few years ago. The first time I searched, I couldn’t find one. Imagine my delight when I succeeded! It was just as good as I’d found it the first time. I didn’t realize that Watson had started writing for adults after the turn of the millennium. Time to go hunting for more Sally Watson!

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