The Delicate Pioneer

The Delicate Pioneer cover

The Delicate Pioneer

  • Sally Watson (Author)
  • Trade paperback and ebook, 114 pages, English language (juvenile)
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (December 8, 2006)
  • ISBN-10: 0595425062
  • ISBN-13: 978-0595425068
  • ISBN: 9780595868407 (e-books)
  • ASIN: B0071I95HS (Kindle)




Trade Paperback

For the Chinese Edition  see: The Delicate Pioneer (Chinese)

Description: Seattle, 1852.

Seventy years have passed since The Hornet’s Nest. Felicity, the great granddaughter of Lauchlin and Andrew, is a sickly, self-pitying child, overshadowed by her lovely and accomplished older cousin Adelaide. When they lose their plantation and head west to find another, they worry about her health — but it’s her parents who die of cholera. Her Uncle Jon takes her and also another orphan, a disagreeable boy named Arne. They find the promised land to be half a dozen log cabins called Seattle. But it’s the making of Felicity, who, with the friendship of Chief Sealth, finds health, self-confidence, a talent at housekeeping and a love of animals. And when Adelaide shows up, it’s suddenly Felicity who overshadows her.

Note: This is a re-write of Poor Felicity (1961) with updated scenes.

Review for the original Poor Felicity:
This is a most engaging story with an excellent background of the very beginnings of Seattle. The glossary of Chinook words is highly entertaining.” ∼ The Horn Book