Two Old Favorites As New Ebooks!

Lark and The Hornet’s Nest are now available in Kindle editions!


Set in seventeenth-century England under Cromwell, Sally Watson’s Lark combines historical intrigue with romantic adventure in the high-spirited tale of a young girl who escapes from her uncle’s stolid Puritan family.Lark cover

The daughter of Royalists exiled to France, thirteen-year-old Lark finds the prospect of marrying her cousin Will-of-God so distasteful that she decides to flee to the home of her sister in Scotland. On the way, she meets young James Trelawney, a Royalist spy whose annoyance with her slowly turns into concern and companionship as the two experience many harrowing, and occasionally humorous adventures. An unexpected encounter with Will-of-God, and a battle in which James is seriously wounded, finally lead the pair to refuge with a band of colorful Gypsies.

How Lark’s grandparents rescue the two, along with the young King Charles, is revealed in the suspenseful climax to this adventure, which gives an authentic picture of a fascinating historical period.  ~ dust cover insert

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The Hornet’s Nest

The Hornet's Nest coverIn 1774, thirty years and one generation after Highland Rebel, the Camerons have returned to Scotland and are living under the English occupation with their five children. Ronald and Lauchlin, the oldest, wage private war, presently abetted by third cousin-twice-removed ‘Uncle’ Matthew, Jade’s younger brother, and as reprehensible as she could have wished. To avoid being hanged, the three go to the loyal Tory Lennox cousins in Virginia. A lot of opinions get revised before they end up having a go at a third King George. Will everyone get back to their beloved Highlands?

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Sally Goes to China

The Delicate Pioneer coverSally has some news! A deal has been made with a publisher in China and The Delicate Pioneer (formerly Poor Felicity) should be out in a Mandarin translation in 18 -24 months.

Description: It is 1852.  After losing her home and then her parents, Felicity, the oh so delicate pioneer, finds herself in the new settlement of Seattle, growing up in a completely new world with her Uncle and another orphan.  Here she discovers the talents and self-confidence to come into her own.

More details at The Delicate Pioneer.


We Are Back

Fingers crossed that my mind, body and technology all stay functional at the same time now for awhile.  We hope to finish fine-tuning the website and Sally has more books in the works too, so be sure to sign up for updates or follow her on FB or Yahoo for news.

Sally turned 90 back in January!  She still loves to hear from fans – old and new, so we hope people won’t hesitate to wish her well this year and share how they’ve felt about her stories.


Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, aka, the heat killed my laptop, further work on this site will be delayed. You can subscribe to up-date notices by e-mail or the RSS feed on the right sidebar so you won’t miss when new info. and photos of Sally get posted.  She sent me some great, current pictures right before the hard drive gave up that I will share as soon as possible.

Hope everyone is staying safe in this heat!




Jade: Kindle Edition

All of the in-print books now have their own pages with purchasing information and descriptions.  Whether you are an ebook convert, or would just like to try one for the first time, you’ll be happy to see that there are now many more options for ebook formats than previously listed on the old site.

Even some of the older books are now being offered as Kindle editions!

All ebooks will eventually be listed on an ebook dedicated page, but for now, please follow the links to your favorite titles via the Alphabetical Booklist or the Chronological Booklist to see the most popular options.  Please look for Sally’s books in your favorite store, even if it isn’t listed. Some titles are available in more locations.

Edit: Ebook page now created.


A selection of the titles now available as iBooks:

The Wayward Princess cover The Angry Earth coverThe Delicate Pioneer

Favorite New Website

Books by Sally Watson is under-going a major update.  As you can see, it is now in a WordPress format.  Once it is complete, it will make updates easier and important news about new releases etc. will be posted on this page first.

Please be patient while information and images are added and the layout is fine-tuned.