Mistress Malapert

Mistress Malapert cover

Mistress Malapert

  • Sally Watson (Author), Illustrated by Genia
  • Paperback and ebook, 218 pages, English language (age 11+)
  • Originally published: Henry Holt & Company, 1955
  • ISBN-10: 193000964X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1930009646
  • ASIN: B00DD24FMG (e-book)



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Special 7-book set!
Set includes Highland Rebel, Mistress Malapert, Lark, The Hornet’s Nest, Jade, Witch of the Glens and Linnet.

Description: England, 1599.

(This is the original story of Shakespeare in Love — but mine was published forty-odd years earlier.)

Linnet’s niece Valerie Leigh, a wayward girl with a temper, also runs away, gets into Shakespeare’s company as girl-playing-boy-playing girl, does Juliet and falls in love with Nick Leigh, who is playing Romeo. (My version, though, does not have ‘plantations in Virginia’ years before the very first colony there was even attempted.)

A skilfully-written story: a sparkling tapestry of Shakespeare’s world.” ∼ Kirkus

A masterful tale of Shakespeare’s day. ” ∼S.F. Chronicle