Jade cover


  • Sally Watson (Author)
  • Paperback and ebook, 270 pages, English language (age 11+)
  • Originally published: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Inc., 1969
  • ISBN-10: 1930009674
  • ISBN-13: 978-1930009677
  • ASIN: B00DCIYCR4 (e-book)



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Special 7-book set!
Set includes Highland Rebel, Mistress Malapert, Lark, The Hornet’s Nest, Jade, Witch of the Glens and Linnet.

Description: 1719, various locations

Some sixty-eight years after Lark in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1719, Peregrine’s great-grand-daughter, Melanie Lennox is the fiercest rebel of the lot. Unlike her siblings Lavinia and Matt, and too much like another well-bred young woman, Anne Bonney of Charleston, she is too much for polite society. Her code is “He who calls the tune must pay the piper, and no shameful whining over the price.” She wages implacable war with society’s treatment of slaves and women, and is sent away to the West Indies — where she meets one Rory MacDonald, as anti-social, proud and obstinate as she, whose grandmother was a witch called Kelpie (Witch of the Glens). Naturally, they hate each other on sight. And they find themselves on Anne Bonney’s pirate ship.

This exuberant madcap book (who but Sally Watson would end it that way?) fits into the family saga beautifully. It’s a sparkling, stirring off-the-beaten-path of a book.” ∼ Horn Book