Errata in Self-Published Books

Here you will find a list of known errors in Sally’s newer, self-published books. Please check the list below to see if what you’ve found has already been documented. If not, then please, contact us with a comment. However, it is too late to change errors in some of these editions since there is a high charge to make each correction.

The Haunted Schoolhouse

Some character names from a previous draft, were missed when they were changed for the final version.

Pg 5: First paragraph, 5th sentence “(Emily felt a sudden sympathy for Peg Hoffman, which changed almost at once to resentment.)”

” Peg” was meant to be ” Clara”

Pg. 20: Last paragraph, 1st sentence – ” And with that little joke, made to keep her pupils from fear, Emily finally admitted to herself that Duncan and Rorie were not actually spending their days creating a spook.”

” Rorie” was meant to be ” Ian” .

Multiple cases of ” Lark” instead of ” Dawn”.

Pg 34: Second sentence. ” ” We ain’t afeared of him,” offered Lulie, looking at Lark with patent displeasure.”
Third paragraph – 2nd sentence: ” Lark was as playful and joy-filled as a kitten.”

Pg 43: Last paragraph, 2nd sentence: ” Golden and warm and happy, as Lark said it should always be.”