Specific Book FAQs

Specific Book Questions

Do books in the trilogy, The Outrageous OrielLoyal and The Dragon and Castle Adamant OR The Ivory Cat and its sequel The Missing Queen need to read in order or are they stand-alone stories?

No, all books are completely stand-alone.

Sally says, “I would never pull what I consider a dirty trick, leaving the reader at the end of a book to find it isn’t the end, after all. The trilogy involves siblings, Oriel, Cecily and Peregrine. Oriel’s story takes place in 1641. Some of the last two overlap: in fact, the time frame does. Peregrine leaves Oxford in 1643 for Corfe Castle, where for the next few months he helps defend it against Parliament troops. Loyal had to take over the duty of protagonist in Cecily’s story, because Cecily just wasn’t up to it. So it’s Loyal (with wee Lark hovering in the background and greatly aided by the Scottish lads from Witch of the Glens, playing major major roles) who defies Madam Grandmama the Dragon from 1642-45, and gets Cecily wedded to her Ian.”

The Ivory Cat is the story of Shastriel, a Mitanni princess sent to be a secondary wife to Akhenaton, featuring as co-protagonists Beket, Hotep, Sekhmet, Perta, Neb and cats Sobek and Abram among others. It takes place primarily at the palace and basically ends with little Tut becoming king, plot resolved. The epilogue, 9 years later, is at his funeral, when his young widow Ankhsenamon, aided by court friends, flees down from a terrible fate as Ay’s wife, puppet and queen, down the Nile in a fishing boat.

The Missing Queen actually overlaps the last bit, carrying on the story, but the protagonist role shifts to Ankhsenamon. ”

Are the out-of-print books going to be reprinted?

Poor Felicity has already been reprinted, with improvements, as The Delicate PioneerThe Wayward Princess is an extended and cohesive story based on the four short stories that comprised Magic at Wychwood. The three Israel/Arab stories, To Build a LandOther Sandals and The Mukhtar’s Children are still out-of-print, but as soon as Sally finishes her next book, working title Return of the Exiles(which is a much longer definitely adult in political/psychological content and age of protagonists, based on To Build A Land) Sally plans to re-write and re-publish that one. Leaving just two stranded for now.

What is Sally working on now?

Sally is working on a much longer, definitely adult in political/psychological content and age of protagonists, re-working of the juvenile historical fiction book To Build A Land (starting in 1947, some young, Italian, Jewish orphans go with others to help build Israel) with the working title Return of the Exiles. The manuscript is finished, with polishing and proofreading still under-way. Sally is looking for a publisher for this one and we will update the web site when we have more information.

Why does it say (author’s preference) for iUniverse, Book Locker and Image Cascade links?

The author is paid the highest royalties when books are purchased directly from the publisher. Companies like Amazon take up to an additional 40% for themselves. So, if you want to give Sally the most support, buy from the publishers – but any sales are good sales. 🙂

I see an error in book …, do you want to know about it?

Yes, if you see errors in the newer, self-published books, Sally would like to know. However, it is too late to change them in these editions since there is a high charge to make each correction. Please check the Errata page here to see if what you’ve found has already been documented. If not, then please, contact us with a comment.