General Book FAQs

General Book Questions

Where is the best place to purchase Sally’s books?

This site lists a selection of choices for purchasing Sally’s books with the information page for each book.  You may also find them elsewhere online, or ask your local bookstore to order them for you.  Availability of different titles may vary.

In general, we encourage you to buy from wherever you most like to shop.  Any sales are good sales. 🙂

But if you want details, the author is paid the highest royalties when books are purchased directly from the publisher – in this case, Image Cascade Publishing, iUniverse or BookLocker, which will always be the first purchasing link listed on the book information pages. Companies like Amazon take an additional % for themselves before the author gets their share. So, if you want to give Sally the most support, buy from the publishers.

Alternatively, the links on this site are affiliate links.  Using these links means that a small percentage of sales from your Amazon purchase will go towards the web site designer who is currently hosting and maintaining this site on a voluntary basis.  If purchasing from, you may also choose the publishers’ listings there.

Are more books going to be available as e-books?

Many are now available as e-books and more are planned.  As new e-book versions become available, they will be listed on the book pages and announced on the News page.

Why are there different e-book formats listed?

The different publishers offer different e-book options. In some cases the publisher has complete control of which formats are released.  In other cases, it costs the author to release new formats.  If enough people write the publishers and in the comments here looking for e-books, maybe more formats will be offered.

There are free programs/apps available to read most formats on a laptop or tablet device.

Dedicated e-book readers often work with a variety of formats.  Before purchasing, check the specifications for your specific reader to see which format is the best choice for your device.

Are any of the books going to available as audiobooks?

That is up to the publisher, so write them with requests.

Why are the newer books self-published (compared to older books)?

In short, the publishing world has changed since Sally had several publishers for her older books. Unfortunately, most of the time now, authors need to spend a lot on hiring their own editors and more, just to get agents and publishers to take a serious look at a manuscript. Agents and publishers used to do much of this work for the authors before.

Sally would prefer to get publishers for her books, rather than self-publishing, so if you have recommendations, especially for niche-markets that might take on Sally’s books, let her know.

Why can’t I find Sally’s books in the library now?

In 1972, Sally’s books up until that time went out-of-print all at the same time. As those books wore out, libraries removed them from the shelves, although you still might find some kicking around in some libraries. Please request Sally’s books at your local library and send them to this web site for purchasing information and hopefully, you will see them carried again.

Also, some libraries will put donated books into circulation, so if you have the means and want to introduce others to Sally’s books, consider asking your library if you can donate your favorites to their collection.

What is the difference between juvenile, young adult (YA) and adult books?

The line between juvenile and YA is narrow, that between YA and Adult, narrower and depends largely on the reader. It is mostly based on length and vocabulary level. In very general terms, juvenile books are up to about 150 pages geared towards readers 8-12, YA books are up to about 250 pages and geared to ages 12-18 and adult books can be any length and written for older audiences. In all cases, there may be age appropriate situations.

Does “adult” mean “adult themes”, “sexually explicit” etc?

No, not as far as Sally’s books are concerned. Sally’s books do not have what is considered “adult themes” in that sense. There is no explicit sex or rape.

Sally elaborates, “The nearest is in the Egypt ones, where nakedness is as taken for granted as it was in Egypt. A bit of innocent love-making there. None of my plots demand any more than that, so why stick it in just to titillate? Seems extraneous to my idea of a good story.

In the ’50’s and ’60’s the trilogy would be definitely Adult, with Oriel and her friend Evan agreeing to marry platonically, because, he tells her, he loves her dearly as a friend but prefers fellows in his bed. Now? Who knows? I’ve read YA much nearer the mark.

I think my all ‘adult’ ones could be both –provided the young adult reader has the vocabulary to cope with them. I don’t ‘dumb down’ for anyone, never did.”