Jade: Kindle Edition

All of the in-print books now have their own pages with purchasing information and descriptions.  Whether you are an ebook convert, or would just like to try one for the first time, you’ll be happy to see that there are now many more options for ebook formats than previously listed on the old site.

Even some of the older books are now being offered as Kindle editions!

All ebooks will eventually be listed on an ebook dedicated page, but for now, please follow the links to your favorite titles via the Alphabetical Booklist or the Chronological Booklist to see the most popular options.  Please look for Sally’s books in your favorite store, even if it isn’t listed. Some titles are available in more locations.

Edit: Ebook page now created.


A selection of the titles now available as iBooks:

The Wayward Princess cover The Angry Earth coverThe Delicate Pioneer

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