Daughter of Sekhmet

Daughter of Sekhmet cover

Daughter of Sekhmet

  • Sally Watson (Author)
  • Ebook (Kindle): 301 pages print length, English language, (YA/adult)
  • Publisher: Image Cascade Publishing (August 10, 2015)
  • ASIN: B013RUG0XA



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Description: circa 1333 BC, Egypt
A paraquel to Sally Watson’s The Next Pharaoh. Daughter of Sekhmet covers the same time frame as The Next Pharaoh with the same theme and central question, featuring virtually the same cast of characters — only shifting some major roles. All this with a brand new star! Mirith, nee Lilith, seizes the lead from her first nightmare on Page 1 — before Horemheb even arrived…. “….Egyptian gods were not like any others. None, of course, were to be confused with The Great Oneness, a single unity; divinely transcendent, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, formless, timeless, numinous, indescribable, and incomprehensible called Temu or Atum, but whom Egyptians never attempted to understand since who could accept a Truth smaller than human comprehension? The sages knew this, particularly those who called themselves the Shemsu-Hor: ancient and legendary…..”