Dance to a Different Piper

Dance to a Different Piper cover

Dance to a Different Piper: A Memoir

  • Sally Watson (Author)
  • Ebook (Kindle): 588 pages print length, English language (autobiographical)
  • Publisher: Image Cascade Publishing (January 4, 2015)



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A Memoir by Historical Fiction Author, Sally Watson. The memories of a child born in 1924: a kitten in a kennel, totally out of step with her peers but dancing to her own piper. With neither the will nor inclination to conform, Sally flatly refused even to consider the limited choice for women then: wife, mother, nurse, schoolteacher or typist. Gifted with fierce independence and a driving curiosity that has never waned; a flair for writing, a passion for words, colors, patterns, and a strong sense of the absurd, she has created over 20 published books, her own destiny and a joyous and adventurous life told in these memoirs.