Sally Watson: Author

Whether you are becoming reacquainted with old friends or are discovering Sally Watson’s books for the first time, there is something for all ages. Readers of Sally’s earlier juvenile and young adult books will be happy to know that Sally has been writing for adults too! Sally’s adult historical fiction books continue to combine historical events with strong female heroines like the ones we fell in love with in her young adult historical fiction.

Sally’s first books were released from 1954-1971. After seven of those books started being reprinted a few years ago, Sally began releasing new books from 2006 to the present, ranging from juvenile to adult historical fiction and more! This web site will keep an up-to-date list of new releases and locations where new and older books can be purchased in both paperback and e-book formats.

We are still working on adding the fun stuff of images and more information about Sally, but all in-print book information and purchasing information is available.